Goal 3

GOAL3_invigDOWNTOWNS_iconInvigorate downtowns: Weaver Street Market strategically locates stores in downtowns to maximize our community impact. Our customers make 30,000 visits to our stores each week, which creates a multiplier effect HBpatio1that drives other Goal3_Downtowns_SideBARdowntown business. Our stores also serve as vibrant community gathering places. Our approach is to enhance our existing downtowns and bring WSM stores to additional nearby downtowns.

New patio at Hillsborough store
Last year we installed a new brick patio in front of our Hillsborough store and planted an additional shade tree. These changes transformed the space, making it even more popular for dining and gathering. The Hillsborough store is a true community center and popular starting point for the new Riverwalk.


Expansion coming in Southern Village
In June we purchased our Southern Village store. In early 2017, we will expand the store and improve the outdoor area. The improvements include the following:

•  Adding on to the front of the building, which will create additional retail space for produce. It will have a farmer’s market feel with large windows facing the street.

•  Adding an indoor/outdoor dining area with retractable glass garage doors on the side of the building. This will take advantage of the morning sun and extend outdoor activity around the corner to a second street.

•  Creating an outdoor seating area along the street edge for dining and gathering. This involves removing two of the angled parking spaces, extending the brick sidewalk, and planting an additional tree for shade cover.

Planning to improve the Carrboro lawn
In the coming year, we plan to consult with Carr Mill and the Town of Carrboro about how to improve the front lawn of the Carrboro store. These improvements will address erosion of the lawn from heavy usage and make it even more attractive as a community gathering place.

Expanding our impact with additional stores
We are talking to community leaders who are interested in bringing a WSM store to their downtowns. Opening new stores is mutually beneficial to the new downtowns and our existing communities. For the new downtowns, we transform underused space into a vibrant retail center that attracts shoppers downtown, and we create vibrant community gathering places for the new communities. Adding additional stores benefits current WSM owners by providing needed economy of scale to lower our cost of goods, increase efficiency, and withstand competition from large chains.

Our process for opening new stores involves a deep partnership with the new community, including joint planning and sharing of costs. This process ensures the best possible store that is designed around meeting the unique needs of that community.