Goal 1

GOAL1_healthyEating_iconMake healthy eating accessible, tasty, and fun: We will work with our owners and customers to promote practical and effortless solutions that will improve the way our community eats.

WSM owners provide healthy food to neighbors in need

Our Community Food Partnerships program partners with four local hunger-relief organizations—PORCH, TABLE, Orange Congregations in Mission (OCIM), and Interfaith Council for Social Services (IFC)—to develop year-round access to healthy food for those in need in our communities.

In 2016, support for these groups grew by 40%, with total donations surpassing $172,000—enough food for 249,000 healthy meals. Our “Bags of Fresh Produce” campaign raised enough funds to provide 1,400 35-pound boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables for the Burmese refugees served through PORCH’s Food for Families program. Our “Backpacks of Healthy Food for Kids” campaign provided eight pounds of healthy food for 3,100 backpacks for the kids in TABLE’s Summer Backpack program.

PORCH_MoneyRaisedThanks to the generosity of WSM owners, shoppers, and staff, both PORCH and TABLE continue to increase the number of families and kids they serve. TABLE anticipates reaching its goal of serving 500 kids this year, an increase of 150 kids since we started our campaign, and PORCH recently increased the number of families it serves from 270 to 350 families.

WSM staff help each other say YES! to healthy eating 
Weaver Street workers have formed a healthy eating team to support coworkers in making healthy food choices. Our team identified two initiatives to help workers meet healthy-eating goals.

Create a healthy-eating guide based on Harvard’s Healthy Plate and David Ludwig’s Always Hungry?

  • Provide information to motivate workers and guide us to make changes.
  • Provide checklists, tips, food charts, and food suggestions.
  • Include a list of WSM foods and products that are the healthiest choices.

Develop a “turn-key” healthy-eating solution

  • Provide reduced-cost healthy prepared foods and coupons.
  • Provide support—employees helping employees—such as buddies, an online forum, and dinner parties.
  • Include two other keys of healthy living—daily activity and stress reduction.

New food pyramids guide our healthy-eating goal

WSM’s emphasis on providing fresh produce for shoppers and workers matches Harvard Public Health School’s Healthy Eating Plate, which recommends 50% fruit and vegetables, 25% whole grains, and 25% healthy protein with moderate use of healthy vegetable fats.

Harvard physician David Ludwig’s new book Always Hungry?  focuses on the type of food you eat rather than the number of calories. If you eat natural food—and avoid sugar and processed foods—you can eat until full and snack when hungry, and still reach your optimal weight.