Election: Ballot

To print the ballot click here or on the PDF icon. PDF icon

ballot instructions posterMake sure your vote counts!

For a vote to be counted, it must have

  1. A valid owner number.
    Make sure you are using the correct owner number.
  2. An owner name that matches one of the names we have listed for that share.
    Note that each name listed on the share is entitled to one vote.
  3. A box checked for one of the candidates.
    WSM elections do not allow for write-in candidates.

NOTE: Please only vote once! Duplicate ballots may be invalidated.

There are two quick ways to verify your owner number and name:

  • Look at one of your WSM shopping receipts. The names and owner number appear at the top of the receipt.
  • During a transaction at one of the cash registers, ask the cashier to verify the¬†names on the share.

TO UPDATE OR CHANGE YOUR INFORMATION: Please contact Adrienne Jimenez, at ownershares@weaverstreetmarket.coop.