Holly Hough

“I enthusiastically support WSM’s mission and want to serve on the board to contribute my passion, skills and experience, helping to create an even stronger presence in the community and assisting the business as it grows.”

Describe your occupation and community involvement. The majority of my professional career has been spent as an administrator in health care, primarily in the areas of integrative medicine, oncology, and both clinical and social research. Currently, I am part of a research team at the Duke Divinity School whose focus is to improve the health of United Methodist clergy across North Carolina. I also have experience building programs from the ground up and previously created and launched a clinical integrative medicine program at UNC-Chapel Hill. I write a health and wellness column for the Chapel Hill News and am in the process of completing my first book on healing with integrative medicine. I adore animals and currently volunteer with Independent Animal Rescue, but have previous volunteer experience with Book Harvest, Hospice, and the Food Bank.

HoughWhy do you want to serve on the Board of Directors? I firmly support Weaver Street Market’s mission and hope to serve on the Board of Directors as a means of giving back and assisting the business as it matures. I grew up in the mountains of North Carolina, but have considered the Chapel Hill area my home for 12 years and Weaver Street Market was part of my decision to remain in the area. I have a passion for health and wellness and hold a doctoral degree in Exercise Physiology (with a minor in Nutrition). When I discovered Carrboro and Weaver Street Market in 2004, I remember being pleasantly surprised that such a place existed and was not only a grocery co- op but a place where I could find herbs, supplements, and a nice choice of organic foods. I believe that food is medicine and care about where my food comes from and how it affects my health and the health of others. Weaver Street Market is also a social hub and meeting place for me and my writer friends – we gather to chat and write together on the lawn in Carrboro. I have multiple food allergies and, at times, Weaver Street Market has been the only place I can find food that works for me. The market has also been an occasional source of supplements for my pets when they have needed help healing from various conditions.

What experience do you have with Weaver Street Market, cooperatives, or small community-minded businesses? I have been a member of Weaver Street Market for almost 11 years. During several spring seasons, I volunteered with Genesis Farm during the Piedmont Farm Tour and assisted with showing the miniature horse and donkey to both children and adults. The majority of my involvement with small community- minded businesses has occurred as a result of volunteering. While living in Greensboro and California, I gained a great deal of experience volunteering with Hospice. Since moving back to North Carolina, I have volunteered primarily with animal rescue groups, assisting with both pet and wildlife rescue. Whenever possible, I like to support local businesses and look for ways to get involved in my community.

What experience, skills, or perspective will you bring to the Board? My previous board experience combined with my background in healthcare and nutrition make me a strong candidate for the Weaver Street Market Board. I served as a board member for the Cancer Patient Education Network (CPEN), a national nonprofit of healthcare professionals and, as chair of the CPEN Marketing Committee, was instrumental in developing the communications and marketing plan. I also chaired the CPEN Complementary and Alternative Medicine Committee and assisted with creating patient resources on integrative medicine. I served as an advisory board member for the oncology hospital resource center at the University of California, San Francisco. My experience in program development and organizational relationship building has allowed me to garner skills such as visioning and creating both business and strategic plans, all of which would help me make a significant and valuable contribution to the board.

Include anything else about yourself that you may like others to know. When not at Duke, I enjoy hiking with my dog, hanging with my cats, reading a good book, watching movies, and admittedly binge-watching new seasons of House of Cards on Netflix.

Contact information:

Email: hhough@div.duke.edu